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Fast Tilt is an innovative retaining wall system that allows engineers, developers, design/build contractors and landscape architects to create poured concrete walls quickly and efficiently, with virtually unlimited design options. The method is ideal for projects with challenging site conditions and limited space.

In 2013, CEO Russ Baumgartner patented a groundbreaking retaining wall system based on some of the same methods used by CCI. This invention, dubbed Fast Tilt Retaining Wall, allows Russ and his team to deliver a better product in a shorter amount of time by using the construction industry’s popular tilt-up concrete model and a unique cast-on-grade method that saves time and materials while offering a vast array of design options.

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Wall System Applications

The Fast Tilt system is ideal for many uses and can be applied in a number of site circumstances.

Soil Retention Cut Illustration

Soil Retention Cut

For projects located adjacent to hills or unstable terrain. The soil retention cut allows for usable land reclamation, erosion control and proper drainage.

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Crucial for flood control and storm water management. Channels are one of the most reliable solutions for directing and draining water while protecting the nearby buildings and land.

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Soil Retention Fill

Intended for leveling and soil containment. Fill is placed behind the wall to create a flat, even surface for construction. Drainage can be added to allow for runoff control.

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Used for protection against flooding. The Fast Tilt levee solution is durable, able to withstand moving water and saturated soil so that nearby properties remain protected.

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Sea Walls

Ideal for projects built along coastlines. Sea walls provide protection from shore erosion, storm surges and high tides by keeping the seawater in the sea and can be finished with a number of design options to preserve the aesthetic value.

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Deepened Foundations

A perfect solution in cases of limited surface area for a spread footing. A deepened foundation reinforces the system’s stability and can be finished with the client’s choice of adornment.

Cost-effective & Environmentally Friendly Retaining Walls

The Fast Tilt system provides an affordable solution that helps to compress project timelines by completing multiple steps simultaneously. Each wall panel is cast horizontally, using up to 90% less wood than traditional cast-in-place walls, so that it cures while the footings are being poured. By the time the footings are ready, the panels can be installed immediately by being dropped into place by a crane and connected using the patented Fast Tilt buttress system. Best of all, the time and material savings provided by the Fast Tilt system compound as the walls increase in height, length and complexity.

Decorative Retaining Walls California


The Fast Tilt system enables designers to integrate visual elements into the wall’s design to create a solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The horizontal casting method allows for decorative flatwork during the curing process, offering options including mosaic, stamping, scoring, seeding and even molded using form liners.

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