CCI’s Fast Tilt Retaining Wall: Combining Form and Function into One Beautiful Solution

An award-winning retaining wall system that is both aesthetically attractive, visually unique and cost effective.

Form and Function

The Fast Tilt System is a tilt-up wall that can be cast on-site, decorated like concrete flatwork and positioned vertically, which offers unlimited design options.


Innovation is the bedrock of CCI’s Fast Tilt Retaining Solution. CCI’s horizontal precast method allows for walls to come “to life,” creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

Cost Effective

The Fast Tilt Solution can cut construction time by almost 40 percent greatly reducing cost. Time and cost savings are created through work efficiencies that allow multiple project components to be completed simultaneously.

What makes iCON different?

The iCON Wall Solution (patent-pending) is an industry-changing, time saving and cost efficient concrete wall system. iCON is the fastest method for building structural walls due to the tilt-up application and site-cast it employs. The iCON™ Wall Solution was born from CCI’s desire to offer beautiful wall designs that truly enhance outdoor spaces, but that can be achieved within tight project budgets and deadlines.

Key Benefits of the iCON Wall Solution

  • Unlimited design creativity on both sides of the wall
  • The fastest method for building structural concrete walls as production activities happen simultaneously
  • Allows a project’s mandated public art component to be incorporated into a decorative structural wall to achieve cost savings
  • Endless design creativity at a fraction of the cost
  • More environmentally friendly than cast-in-place wall building, using 90% less wood than traditional methods
  • Safer for work sites because no scaffolding is required, meaning fewer workers in the air, less overall manpower, and less risk of injury


Safety of our employees is a priority at CCI. The iCON Wall Solution decreases the risk of accidents at the worksite because of its horizontal casting method and the fact that no scaffolding is required.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

iCON walls can be used to beautify previously impossible spaces and incorporate design creativity where it has never been considered before. With the iCON Wall Solution, the only limit is your imagination.

Tradition Combined with Creativity

More than just a pleasing work of art, iCON walls also achieve the traditional structural function of retaining walls. Through CCI’s innovative techniques, the iCON wall solution can accommodate both modern and traditionalists alike.

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